Summer 2024 is approaching, and with it comes the latest trends in swimwear fashion. Looca Swim, always at the forefront of design and quality, has just launched its new bikini collection, promising to revolutionize your summer look. This exclusive preview will reveal the details of the new velvet models, the distinctive sign of Looca Swim, characterized by captivating colors and innovative designs. Let's discover the 2024 collection from Looca Swim together.

Cecilia Gold: A Touch of Luxury

One of the stars of the new collection is the Cecilia Gold bikini. This model, crafted in a stunning gold-yellow shade, is designed for those who love to stand out with elegance. The velvet fabric adds a touch of luxury and softness, while the triangle design ensures a perfect and comfortable fit. Cecilia Gold is joined by the iconic Cecilia Love, the emerald green triangle bikini that has already won the hearts of many Looca Clients

Mia Pink: Minimalism and Comfort

For those who love a minimalist style and desire a perfect tan, Looca Swim presents Mia Pink. This brand new bikini, in a gorgeous fuchsia shade, features an elasticated bottom and a sleek design that enhances your curves without compromising comfort. The fabulous fit makes Mia Pink the ideal choice for those who want to feel free and confident on the beach. Discover more about Mia Pink.

Emma Blue: Aquatic Elegance

Another great novelty of the 2024 collection is the Emma Blue bikini. Available in a stunning aqua green shade, this model stands out for its new V-shaped bottom, designed to enhance your body. The innovative design of Emma Blue ensures a perfect fit, ideal for those seeking a sophisticated and stylish beach look. Discover more about Emma Blue.

Innovative Designs and Materials

The 2024 collection from Looca Swim is not just about surprising colors and designs. The use of innovative materials like velvet gives the bikinis a soft and pleasant texture while providing durability and strength. Each model is carefully designed to ensure a perfect fit and enhance the female form, thanks to meticulously studied cuts and high-quality fabrics.


Looca Swim's 2024 bikini releases promise to redefine the concept of beach fashion, with models that combine elegance, comfort, and innovation. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated look, like that offered by Emma Blue, or a more minimalist and striking style like Mia Pink, the new collection has something for every bikini enthusiast. Don't miss the chance to explore Looca Swim's new offerings and find the perfect model for you. Summer 2024 will be filled with style and glamour with Looca Swim's bikinis.